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Costume Ideas for Women in 2017 - Female Joker!

Joker costumes are popular every year. The Joker costume is a classic for all ages, and the popularity spans far beyond just Joker Halloween costumes. Joker conventions and costume conventions keep people dressing in Joker costumes all year. From the Grand Heritage Joker costume to the Joker Nurse, kids, men, and women of all sizes can find any style Joker costume they prefer. Check out Cersei Marie's blog for more tips.

Why so serious? The Joker’s classic and horrendous look comes from a tortured past, one that included abuse by his father. The Joker’s horrifying smile is a slit from corner to corner, and his skin and hair are bleached from a fall into a pit of chemical waste. Who can act like the Joker, and survive?
The Joker brings craziness to everyone he touches, killing and mutilating all who are unfortunate enough to be near his presence. Wear Joker costumes to ignite fear in everyone – craziness. Don’t be so serious – find the best in Joker costumes and laugh your way through the night.

It’s no longer enough to just dress in a colorful suit with a painted face – The Dark Knight revolutionized the Joker – made him iconic. Any Joker costume designed after the psychotic Joker from the Dark Knight supersedes all prior Joker costumes. Maniacal, twisted, and completely freakish, the Joker is more of a vengeful killer than ever before. The mad man is on the loose, dressed in purple suits, green vests, comic ties and weapon-packed shoes, gloves and more. With deadly blades concealed in every crease, shoe fold, and pocket, the Joker costume brings out the freak in everyone.

“Depending on the time, you may be in one spot or several.” Why not enjoy the good cop, bad cop routine in the best of Joker costumes? Start at the head, so the victim gets all fuzzy! Freak out friends, neighbors, children and the rest of Gotham City dressed as the Joker, and look to finally win over Batman.
Kids, adults, men, and women can all dress in a Joker costume this Halloween. A big trend is the Joker Nurse costume – sadistic and evil. Be the ultimate villain in a Joker costume and savor all the “little emotion.” Your friends will show you more than you ever knew, when you arrive dressed in the best Joker costume, especially when designed after the latest version of the Joker.

Why does the Joker do what he does? He tries to show the schemers how pathetic they are, and what better way than in a Joker nurse costume? Show how you stick you the plan by going the extra mile and disguising yourself in a Joker nurse costume. Show anarchy upset the establishment, and create chaos! The Joker nurse costume shows the ultimate in chance. Make everyone lose all faith in hospital care and nursing staffs by donning an authentic nurse costume with a Joker face mask or painted face and wig.

Joker masks add the finishing touch to any great Joker costume. The Joker fell into a tank of chemical waste, resulting in his while bleached skin and green hair. His dark red lips are set in a permanent smile – the gruesome Glasgow smile that stretches from ear to ear. The Joker’s main venom comes in numerous forms but always produces the same result – death from laughing too hard. The face and smile of the Joker is an essential part of the Joker costume – without his evil grin and hideous skin, costumes become nothing more than a fancy clown suit.

Joker masks come in at least three forms:

Full face masks
Partial face masks
Painted masks
Full face Joker masks cover the entire face, sometimes even including ears. A safe mask should have good ventilation and eye openings. Without proper ventilation, the mask can quickly become uncomfortable, leaving the face so hot that wearing the mask becomes intolerable. If the mask gets removed, the impact of the Joker costume is lost. Shop carefully for a full mask that will be comfortable for long periods of use.

Partial 3/4 Joker masks are a great choice. These Joker masks cover most of the face, stopping just below the smile line, allowing for easier talking and breathing, and creating a more realistic clown face. Unlike a full Joker mask, a 3/4 mask shows facial movement, which results in a more realistic Joker face. Talk, laugh, and sound like the Joker with partial masks that leave the mouth free.
The Dark Knight Joker mask in vinyl is the best Joker mask on the market. Choose between the vinyl mask with wild green hair, or the Joker mask with vinyl green hair.

Painted Joker masks are the do it yourself Joker mask solution. Joker makeup kits are available, or choose any Halloween makeup kits that includes lots of white, red, green and black colors. Many sources are available for Joker makeup tutorials, including blogs and YouTube videos. For creative people who are confident in their own makeup skills, painted Joker masks can offer the most realistic Joker face. Paint your own Joker masks and create gruesome details and smile lines, and keep in mind that sometimes less is not more. Go all out with paint, creating dark colors and hideous details. Finish off with a Joker wig, or use green Halloween hair spray.

Joker masks are essential to a great Joker costume. Not only do Joker masks make costumes look more authentic and easily recognized, but they help the person who wears the costume step into character. Hide behind the masks and laugh like the crazed Joker himself. Joker masks are available for kids and adults, and women as well.