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The Halloween Marathon - Women's March

Unfortunately, we will not be hosting the Halloween Marathon in Van Cortlandt Park in 2017 :-(

The NYC Parks Dept. had imposed constraints on the organizer's ability to host races since Christmas 2011 when the NYC Parks Dept. denied the Holiday Marathons a permit to host an event in Van Cortlandt Park on Christmas Day!The Holiday Marathons have not hosted a run in Van Cortlandt Park since Thanksgiving of 2011.We only ask that the NYC Parks Dept. applies the same rules to the Holiday Marathons as it does other race organizers in NYC. Please send a note to Mayor Bloomberg asking him to ensure the NYC Parks has oversight and is not allowed to discriminate against the Holiday Marathons. Mayor Bloomberg can be reached at,

The major reason the NYC Parks Dept. is discriminating against the Holiday Marathons is that we are trying to preserve a historical nature trail in the Bronx called the Putnam Trail. The NYC Parks Dept. and the Van Cortlandt Park “Conservancy” wishes to pave asphalt over this entire 1.5-mile trail. Many ladies had already selected their holiday dress.

In 2011 the Holiday Marathons hosted 12 free events in New York Cities Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The runs attracted over 4000 participants.A short video of last years Labor Day event can be viewed here. That's what politicians do, though!

We have gathered a few of our favorites political masks and costumes for you to check out during your truce. And if you are not so political, don’t worry we have something special for you, too!

For you Democrats, we have the costume for you! President Obama and Dracula all rolled up into one mask. You can probably guess what it is called. I laughed my arse off when I saw this mask! It’s called the Barackula Halloween mask. Be sure to get the cape to complete your Barackula ensemble.

President Obama provides some great Political Halloween costumes this year. His big smile lights up the room. He is very charismatic and has a great presence when entering a room. Don’t just walk into that Halloween party, burst in and impress everyone as you show your Presidential power.

Republicans are conservative and sometimes can be labeled no fun and boring! Maybe that’s why the masks are so plain and simple. Here’s Mitt as himself. He looks like he needs to be livened up at a local political party. Mitt Romney is in the middle of a Presidential race that has the nation divided. What a hoot it would be if you and your significant other walked in as President Obama and Mitt Romney holding hands. Imagine the laughs as your turn and kiss one another. Just be sure it is your significant other under the mask.

Tricky Dick has got to be the most controversial figure in recent political history. His famous words still are used by many today. “I am NOT a crook” is President Nixon’s famous phrase. Notice that the nose on the mask is somewhat longer than normal. Does that Pinocchio like nose make you believe? Just be sure to hold up both hands in peace signs as you shout those famous words.

Republicans are sad! The birth certificate costume is nowhere to be found.

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