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It’s been awhile since the pilot episode of Supergirl leaked on the net. A lot of mixed reviews uttered by both fans and reviewers. The internet is crowded with folks talking about the upcoming official release of Supergirl pilot. And the expectation must be high regardless of the success of the pilot episode. Superhero fans all over the world seem skeptical about this series. There is negative gravity surrounding it. But a lot of folks also don’t realize that there will be a lot of fun things happen when the official episodes are airing. You definitely need to check out this girl's outfit tips.

Watch The TV Series
And here are top 10 reasons why you must watch TV Series.

01. Good CGI Effects
A lot of folks prefer to watch superhero movies since they offer remarkable CGI effects. Speaking about this series, it does have good CGI effects. It is not the best, but it is not disappointing.

02. Kara Raises Superheroine
Superheroes are identical with men. Now the old saying is no longer needed. Have you seen such remarkable supergirl on your favorite screen? It surely brings a brand new nuance in your living room.

03. Super Villain
Just like another superhero story, Supergirl will feature a super villain who we will love to hate.

04. Kara is Remarkable
What I meant is that because she is a lady. It will bring a whole new level in superhero regime. It is very refreshing. It’s said that Kara is girlish, easy going, and cheerful. Who doesn’t love those characteristics?

05. She is the savior
She does not need someone to help her. And I think most of the folks have already seen her trailer. Not forget to mention that she is from planet Krypton

06. Young Comic Fans Can Learn From Kara
We know that our young viewers need something to learn. The powerful female character will teach the teenagers how to live their life.

07. The Iconic Superhero
I meant that all aspects of the Kara or Supergirl are too attractive. From the very beginning of the story, the costume, personality, environment, and many other elements, all blended. It creates such Iconic superhero that will be awaited by comic fans.

08. Kara is Beautiful
Not only super, but she is also beautiful. Million stunned eyes will spare their 40 minutes time in the front of their screen.

09. A lot of Surprises/Expectations
We know that Supergirl has a direct relation with Superman. How many percentages do you think that Superman will be inserted in the series? 20%? 40%? 60%? or 99%?

10. Premiere on October!
What is it about? Well, you know. October is Halloween month. Watching the pilot episode 5 days before the party sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

How Would You Like to Look and a Feel Like a Legendary Superhero this Halloween?

You can if you wear any Supergirl Costume from one of the many different styles available!

You can look like you leap from the comic book pages of 1959 with this heroic costume. This costume features a red and blue leotard with skirt, cape, boot toppers, and belt.


Action and Adventure are never far when you wear this stunning Supergirl costume! It is a one-piece dress with blue top and metallic red skirt. It comes complete with attached red cape and red and gold metallic boot toppers. Available in all sizes.


Be a Super Sassy Girl! This costume is perfect for those wanting to show off their assets! Blue velvet top has a red cape attached, red skirt and boot toppers.


Available in Toddler sizes and Classicstyles.


Who says superheroes can’t wear pink! This SuperGirl is trendy all the way. Includes a hot pink dress with attached cape, silver belt and hot pink boot tops with silver trim. Now she’s out to prove that she’s just as strong and brave as her superhero relative.

Bib Costume

Up, up and away to the high chair! This Supergirl Bib is perfect to spill on for Halloween!

The Supergirl Bib features the dark pink signature “S” logo over a lighter pink background and pink “belt” around the waist. The dark pink attached cape and pleated neckline make for a Super comfy, cozy fit!

Supergirl has graced the comic book pages since 1959 and over the decades has become a very celebrated comic book icon that has a leap from the pages to the big and small screens.

She is a role model to many girls around the world and desired by men. What women or girl would not want to become Supergirl for Halloween or the next Comic Convention?

Her popularity has increased over the years. Her name and symbol have become popular with designers in apparel, accessories and especially costumes. There is a Halloween costume available for anyone no matter your size, age or style!

Who does not know the beautiful actress Melissa Benoist? She is a born to be a beautiful lady who was born on October 4, 1988. She is a popular American Actress and singer. Glee is the TV show wherein she has gained her name on the 4th and 5th season.She portrayed Marley Rose. Aside from Glee, she has appeared in several number episodes of popular TV shows such as The Good Wife, Law and Order, Homeland, and Movies like The Longest Ride, Whiplash, Tennessee and Danny Collins.

Melissa was born in Littleton, Colorado. She attended Arapahoe High School in her city origin. In high school, she was alienated by some groups of friends. She was made fun of. However, she did not stop believing that someday she would become one of the most prominent folks on earth. She took to participate in a lot of school activities. She spent a lot of time by herself, but she was fine with it. She graduated at 2007. Then she graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in 2011.

Melissa has been known as Blake Jenner girlfriend since July 2013. However, their relationship did not work.

Melissa made her debut in Tennessee. Then in May, she cast for Glee. She sang different songs in her auditions like Fidelity and King of Anything.

Recently, She has been the cast in a lead role as Supergirl on upcoming show Supergirl. Folks who adore her will be expecting her nice role.

This is going to be one of the hottest TV Shows on earth. Well, comic fans have a high expectation for what will happen in this series. Moreover, there is a new sophisticated superhero flying around the earth. Probably folks have been bored with men dominating the superhero movies and shows. It is time to have a feminine touch on your screens.

In this month, you will be falling in love with Melissa Benoist, the 26-year-old actress who wears Kara Zor-El costume.

It has been confirmed that this show will be broadcasted by CBS. So we can anticipate it from now on. I think everybody is ready to watch this female superhero TV show. It is folks’ point of view, living through such heroic story, and jumping into the realistic sci-fi fantasy world.

The blonde beauty will accompany your living room on October 26th with the pilot episode. You may want to check the leaked version of the pilot episode to decide whether this series is promising or not.

Melissa Benoist Age, Feet, Body Measurement

Age: Melissa Benoist is currently 26 according to her birthdate October 04, 1988
Build: Slim
Height: 5 ft 8 in or 173 cm
Weight: 55 kg or 121 pounds
Measurements: 32-23-34 in or 81-58.5-87 cm
Dress Size: 4 (US)
Bra Size: 32A